About Us

Minyan Tiferet of Englewood and Tenafly is a warm and welcoming community committed to halakhah and dedicated to active participation by each person – regardless of age, gender, or background — in spirited tefilah and intensive study.

At Tiferet, we are engaged in:

  • Spirited, joyful, and meaningful prayer
  • Personal and communal growth through study
  • Community-building social events

Who are we?

In 2009, a group of dedicated, devoted, and committed people recognized an unmet need in the community and founded Minyan Tiferet to allow women to contribute actively to the community and perform certain public ritual functions that are permitted according to halakhah. As autumn leaves fell from the trees and cold weather descended upon us, Minyan Tiferet was created as one of a handful of Independent Minyanim in the area, and the first (and for many years, the only) Partnership Minyan in Bergen County.  JOFA (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance) defines a Partnership Minyan as “a prayer group committed to maintaining halakhic standards and practices while including women in ritual leadership to the fullest extent possible within the boundaries of Jewish Law.” 

As a Partnership Minyan, prayer services at Minyan Tiferet allow women to lead Kabbalat Shabbat, P’seukei D’Zimra , and the Torah service while men lead Ma’ariv, Shacharit,and Musaf.  In addition, men and women share in the taking out the Torah, receiving aliyot from the Torah, read from the Torah and chant from the Haftarah.  While the Kohain and Levy aliyot are reserved for men, all other aliyot are divided on a equal basis.  The mechitza is up at all times except when a D’var Torah is given by a member of the community—a practice which is and is in line with the practices those of numerous minyanim around the world. Both men and women give Divrei Torah.   We strive to begin services with a quorum of ten men and ten women.

While most of our services occur on Shabbat, either in the evening or the morning based on the time of year, we also have traditionally met on several Jewish holidays and festivals. On Purim. both women and men read from the Megillah and the blessings before and after the reading can also be led by both.  When we meet on the second day of Sukkot—which we have done each year– and on Rosh Hodesh, a woman leads Hallel with each person reciting the blessing individually. Women also lead the congregation in Hoshanot while men and women form separate circles as they march with the Arba’ah Minim (four species).  All members are encouraged to bring their own lulavim and etrogim and participate actively in the service.  

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