About Us

Minyan Tiferet of Englewood and Tenafly is a warm and welcoming community committed to halakhah and dedicated to active participation by each person – regardless of age, gender, or background — in spirited tefilah and intensive study.

At Tiferet, we are engaged in:

  • Spirited, joyful, and meaningful prayer
  • Personal and communal growth through study
  • Community-building social events

Tiferet prayer services follow the style of Partnership Minyanim which allow women to lead Kabbalat Shabbat, P’seukei D’Zimra, and the Torah Service while men lead Maariv, Shacharit, and Musaf.  In addition, men and women share the taking of taking aliyot from the Torah and reading from the Torah and Haftarah.  The mechitza is up at all times except when a D’var Torah is given by a member of the community and is line with the practices of numerous minyanim around the world.

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