Learn to Lead

We welcome and encourage you to lead services or read Torah or Haftorah. If you would like to learn how to lead or read we would love to teach you.

Below are recordings to help you learn to lead services. Thank you very much to Bracha Jaffe for making the recordings.

Shabbat Morning

Psukei Dzimra Songs
Psukei Dzimra Nusach
Torah Services
Alternate tune for Mi Sheberach after Yekum Purkan

Kabbalat Shabbat

Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat Beginning
Ana B’Cho’ach
Lecha Dodi 1
Lecha Dodi 2
Mizmor Shir 1
Mizmor Shir 2
Tov LeHodot
Hashem Malach Geut Lavesh
Tzadik KaTamar 1
Tzadik KaTamar 2
Mikolot Mayim Rabim

Other Resources for Leading Services

DC Minyan
guides on how to lead services
shabbat and high holiday recordings, including instructions for service leaders
by Jeremy Kadden

Mechon Hadar
weekday, shabbat and holiday recordings with multiple tunes
searchable by tempo, mode and time 
by  Aryeh Bernstein, Eliezer Diamond, Chaim Kranzler, Elli Kranzler, National Havurah Committee, Ramon Tasat and Dena Weiss

Virtual Cantor
weekday, shabbat, holiday, and life cycle event recordings, strictly nusach
by Josh Sharfman

Zemirot Database
song and zemirot recordings uploaded by users

Invitation to Piyut
piyut and prayer recordings

National Library of Israel
ethnographic and commercial recordings of Israeli and Jewish music, including prayer

Resources for Leyning/Torah Reading

Learn Trope
trope lessons, including music notation and hand signs

Navigating the Bible
cantorial recordings  of torah and haftarah portions
playable by verse

Pocket Torah App
recordings  of torah and haftarah portions
playable by aliyah or word

Chabad’s Interactive Torah Trainer
recordings  of torah and haftarah portions
playble by aliyah, verse or word

Bar Mitzvah Guide
sephardi and ashkenazi recordings of some torah and haftarah portions
playble by aliyah

JOFA’s Megillat Esther App