Salon Tiferet

Minyan Tiferet proudly presents Salon Tiferet!

Salon Tiferet brings together leading scholars and intellectually curious adults with diverse Jewish educational backgrounds for an intensive, interdisciplinary experience of engagement with Jewish text.

In our flagship series, we explored the Books of Samuel from different perspectives: psychological, literary, and political. Each session featured an engaging scholar who, in dialogue with Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot, presented a specific methodology — as well as a unique lens — through which to view the text.

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Salon Tiferet received generous support from Dorot Fellowship in Israel Alumni Leadership Initiative Funding.

Past Sessions


September 14: Introduction to the Books of Samuel

Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot
Chair, Department of Talmud and Rabinics, SAR High School;
Rabbi, Congregation Netivot Shalom

207 Chestnut Street, Englewood
Reading for September 14

October 19: A Psychological Perspective on the Books of Samuel

Rabbi Dr. Tsvi Blanchard
Director of Organizational Development, CLAL;
Meyer Struckmann Professor of Jewish Law, Humboldt Faculty of Law in Berlin

211 Davison Place, Englewood
Reading for October 19
You are encouraged to prepare the following passages of  I Samuel:
9:17-21; 11:14-15; 13:8-14; 14:36-46; 15:13-31; 16: 14-23; 18:5-15

November 16: A Political Perspective on the Books of Samuel

Professor Suzanne Last Stone
University Professor of Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization, Cardozo Law School
370 Hillcrest Road, Englewood
Reading for November 16
(the first page is preparation, the remainder is additional reading)

December 14: A Literary Perspective on the Books of Samuel

“Why Did Saul’s Kingship Fail?: Three Hypotheses”
Rabbi David Silber
Founder and Dean, Drisha Institute for Jewish Education
110 Thatcher Road, Tenafly
Reading for December 14: 1 Shmuel chapters 9-15

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